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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is 175 square kilometers of wildlife refuge and wetlands habitat established in 1976. It is located in Eastern Nepal, and can be accessed from the Mehendra Highway. The reserve currently has five elephants. The reserve is also home to the water buffalo (called arna), deer, nilgai, mugger crocodile, Ganges River Dolphin (also called the Gangetic Dolphin), and over 280 species of birds. Koshi Tappu Wildlife camp is a heaven for all the nature lovers seeking solace and a quiet time for themselves engulfed with nature's serenity. The Camp is staffed with local naturalists and bird specialists. It consists of 12 large deluxe safari tents with easy twin beds and simple modern toilet amenity including hot and cold shower facilities. The restaurant with fully stocked bar is located centrally on the thatched house, 'Golghar which serves Nepali and International cuisine from our experienced kitchen.The vast expanse of water created by the barrage, marshes, lagoons, mud flats and arable land that lies around it offers an outstanding wetland which has favored to create one of the best and finest bird watching sanctuaries in Asia. In additional to wildlife, the Reserve also protects a substantial part of the Sapta Koshi, (a tributary of the Ganges River) flood plain. In 1987, it was declared a Ramsar site.

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