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Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

The Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is situated in the southern part of far-western Nepal in the Kanchanpur District, lies in an area of 175 sq km, established in 1976. (Best reached by a flight to Mahendranagar along with a short drive)

Predominantly sal forest with arna, semal, karma, khair and sissoo found along the riverside. The main grass species are the imperate Cylindrica and the Saccharum Heteropogon used extensively by the local people for thatching.
The reserve provides a prime habitat for swamp deer, an estimated population of 2000 to 2500 thrive in the reserve. Wild elephant, tiger, leopard, blue bull,hog deer, wild boar and chital also reside.
A total of 200 species of birds have been recorded especially grassland birds including, the rare Bengal florican.

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